Örjan Andersson
Product image
Örjan Andersson is a street & fashion jeans brand with a handsome and clean rock-look combined with traditional jeans attributes. Emeli Mårtensson who has the brand 5Preview has made the logo and all the t-shirt prints in the collection. The brand also work close with the Swedish stylist Naomi Itkes
Some years ago Örjan came up with the idea of the brand Cheap monday and the Weekday concept. Andersson started the company’s with a couple of friends and a while ago it was sold to H&M.
Örjan started to think about something new and the result is a premiere collection for spring 12 with jeans and t-shirts. The autumn will be followed up with more types of garments but always with jeans in mind.
The new brand works with more expensive fabrics but the jeans are still very affordable.
The brand also has a message. Från Ö Till A, it comes from Örjan Andersson’s name initials. They are the last and first letters of the Swedish alphabet.
It means that you can do the same thing in several ways, backwards or differently if it feels good